For the correct care of your woodcarvings actually not much is necessary. Use a soft brush or a dry cloth for dusting. Never use any cleaning agents or water! Avoid placing the carvings in a humid environment, as well as in places with direct sunlight and/or extreme temperature fluctuations.

No, on the contrary! The wood darkens over the decades and the colours become softer, thus the work of art gains in beauty and value over time.

As long as you protect the sculpture from the weather (sun, humidity), this should not be a problem. In a dry and sun protected place the sculpture can be set up without problems. In addition, it is possible to protect the wood with an impregnation (but it does not provide complete protection). The impregnation must be renewed regularly.

The wood we use is stored in special drying chambers so that it loses moisture and cannot tear.

Unfortunately, you will not find an exact time here. The required time depends on the complexity of the sculpture itself. In addition, the surface can be processed differently through different work steps, which also require different lengths.

Maple wood is a hard, firm and clear wood with only a few stone inclusions. It is mainly used for fine carvings up to a size of 40 cm. The lime wood, on the other hand, is a softer wood which is used for mostly larger figures. The surface of the maple wood figures is polished; the lime wood figures are carved with a carving knife, so you can see every single cut of the carver. The weight of the two types of wood is also clearly different.

The "entirely hand carved" seal guarantees 100% handwork without the use of electrical appliances. The seal is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce.

The size in cm is a scale and always refers to the largest standing figure of a crib, which in most cases is St Joseph. All other figures fit proportionally. If, for example, you would like to order a sheep or a camel, then choose the size of your Josef figure. If, for example, Joseph has a height of 10cm, you must also choose 10cm for sheep and camel.

With our crosses usually 2 measures are indicated. The dimensioning is indicated then e.g. in 50/100. The 1st dimension "50" shows the size of the corpus, the 2nd dimension, in this case "100" shows the length of the crossbar.

For standing figures, the indicated size corresponds to the real height, measured from the floor to the highest point of the head. This also applies if, for example, a part of the figure is higher than the head.

For hanging figures, the indicated size corresponds to the real length, measured over the longest point. This also applies if, for example, a part of the figure is higher than the head.

We will be happy to make you an offer for your own wishes. Please send us one or more pictures of the person/animal/object to be depicted and you are also welcome to contribute your own ideas.

You can also pick up the ordered goods directly at our company in Naturns. Opening hours: 9.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 19.00, Saturday only open in the morning; Sundays closed.

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